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Humberto Lahera Gonzalez was born in Holguin, Cuba in 1989. From the age of 5 his family saw his talent for art and at the age of 9 he began to study painting professionally in a private academy developing skills in oil, acrylic, pastel, tempera, watercolor, pencil drawing, obtaining mastery of perspective and human anatomy. In his childhood, at the age of 12-14 years old, he began to create exquisite reproductions of Leonardo Da Vinci's works such as the "Mona Lisa", "Lady with an Ermine", as well as reproductions of several European masters. Once he was 14 years old, he was selected to enter the Academy of Fine Arts "El Alba" in Holguin, Cuba, selected among the 8 students in his state out of more than 1000 who took the exams, he was approved and began a new stage of development.
Once studying at the art academy "El Alba" he is selected as the best student 4 years in a row and graduates with Cum Laude honors.

In 2009 he started as a teacher at the academy where he obtained excellent results and 3 years later he started his career as an independent artist where he developed mural works in hotels in the northern area of Holguin.

His work was not only in easel painting and murals, he also made restorations of antiques for museums in Cuba such as oil paintings of centuries old, bronze and marble statues.
Years later he decided to expand his knowledge of art to other fields such as interior design where he created his own company "Lahera" in which as owner and CEO he created a multidisciplinary team including artists where based on beauty and design he would build buildings with works of art inside them. 

In August 2022 he emigrates to the United States where he begins to work hard to show his art and start a new life being almost stripped of all material resources that he could have before and thus venture into a new life full of possibilities to build a solid future as an artist and entrepreneur.

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